Competitive Coaches

Kelly Manjak photo

Coach Kelly

Kelly Manjak Owner – Club Head Coach
Manjak’s Gymnastics programs are led by head coach and owner Kelly Manjak; The Coach of Canada’s first Men’s Olympic Gold Medalist, Kyle Shewfelt. Kelly’s achievements as a coach have impacted the Canadian National Team from 1996- 2012. Kelly has coached many gymnasts who achieved Canadian National Team Status represented at many major competitions (Commonwealth, Pan American Games, 6 World Championships, 2000, 2004, 2012 Olympic Games) for both men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics. As the 4- Time Awarded Gymnastics Canada Coach of the Year, Kelly emphasizes the human side of coaching, he demands good training habits and hard work but makes it fun for the athlete to come into the gym each day. He is a planner and motivator who enjoys working with children. Consideration for the athlete’s feelings and careful guidance over ever-changing obstacles of development is essential to effective and long lasting progress.
CERTIFICATIONS:  Coaching Brevet

Coach Sue

Susan Manjak – WAG Coach
Susan is part of our competitive coaching staff. Susan is the proud mother of two sons. Her favourite passion in life is travelling. While Susan’s greatest achievements included being part of a team coaching at Canada Games, Pan Am Games, World Championships and the Olympic Games, she feels most rewarded helping young gymnasts reach their goals and conquer their fears. She is certified NCCP Level 4 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

Coach Anna

Anna DoCouto – XCEL Coach
Coach Anna has been involved in the sport of gymnastics since the age of 3! She competed in Artistic Gymnastics at Provincial Level 8. She also competed in Trampoline Gymnastics at the National Level. Anna has been coaching gymnastics since 2014, starting from recreational classes and now for the last few years, coaching competitive groups. She loves being a coach and sharing her passion for the sport that she grew up in, with the new generation of gymnasts!

Coach Jade

Jade Vitucci – XCEL Coach
Coach Jade been involved in gymnastics since the age of 5. She used to train as a level 6 competitive gymnast and she has been coaching since 2014. Jade is currently coaching recreational as well as XCEL classes. She is super excited to share her knowledge with all of her gymnasts.

Coach Dan

Dan Moise – XCEL Coach
Dan has been a gymnastics coach for more than 20 years, working with all levels, from toddlers to National Level 10 competitive athletes. Coaching is his passion, he loves seeing his athletes happy. Kids that work with Dan often say: “You will not only get gymnastics advice from Dan, but also life advice.”

Coach Julie

Julie Rainville – XCEL Coach
Julie has been in the sport of gymnastics since she was 3 years old. Julie started coaching at thirteen and loved it ever since. Currently, she coaches various level XCEL athletes at Manjak’s Gymnastics.

Coach Jenna

Jenna Rainville – XCEL Silver Coach
Jenna is an alumna of Brock University in Biological Sciences, a former Level 9 Provincial Gymnast at Hamilton Mountain Gymnastics Centre.

Coach Marissa

Marissa Elliott – XCEL Coach
Marissa is an Xcel coach at Manjak’s Gymnastics. She started the sport when she was 4 and trained up to level 6 before she transitioned into coaching. Marissa began as a CIT in 2020 and quickly grew to become a competitive level coach. Outside of the gym, Marissa does a lot of work in musical theatre, where she gets inspiration for her athletes’ choreography. Marissa’s favourite part of being a competitive coach is watching her athletes grow as performers and gain confidence in the sport.